How to reward your customers

Every business may decide how they want to reward their customers with stamps. We offer multiple ways to do this. You can find an explanation per technique below. All techniques are implemented in our app, but can differ per business.

Stampwallet Basic (QR)

When a business is set up a unique QR code is automatically generated. Customers can scan this QR after a purchase and will be rewarded with 1 or more stamps.


Super beacon

We developed a super ibeacon. This is a device that is always connected to our cloud and has some really special (and secret) techniques. The app can be used without internet and still everything will be saved into our cloud immediately after a purchase. A customer lays the phone on our super ibeacon, a connection will be opened, the cashier clicks the empty stamps on the card (or punch then with our unique punchers) and the stamps will be added after connection is closed.


Stampwallet NFC keychain

Our Super ibeacon can be expanded with a NFC antenna. Users can order a unique NFC keychain and connect it to their account using the app or our login panel. Using the keychain users can leave their phone at home and still collect stamps. The stamps are added instantly through our cloud server.


Stampwallet Sniffer (printer listener)

You can expand our super ibeacon with a printer listener. We hook up the super ibeacon to a printer and we will read the values of the total amount spend. The ibeacon connects to our cloud and checks the value of 1 stamp. After succes the stamps will be added to the phone that is on the super ibeacon. This way is super save and really fast!


Stampwallet Touch

When an ibeacon is added to the management panel of a business it will have 2 functions: 1. auto discovery of a store in a wallet: when a customer opens the app (and already has the store in their wallet), the store will automatically open in the app. 2. to collect stamps. A customer clicks ‘collect a stamp’ after a purchase. Touch the ibeacon with the top of their phone. A stamp is added!

NOTE: we don’t offer this type ‘out of the box’ anymore


Stampwallet Click

With our unique click ibeacons, stores can reward stamps by clicking the ibeacon. The count will be shown in our app and the stamps will be added after a confirmation of the customer.

NOTE: we don’t offer this type ‘out of the box’ anymore