Canada – testing our super beacon (sbeacon)

We’re currently in Canada to develop and test our super beacon. I hear you thinking ‘what the h*ll is a super beacon’. Well it’s pretty simple. A super beacon (sbeacon) is a device that uses…

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New Stampwallet presentation

We’ve updated our presentation for businesses who are planning to use Stampwallet loyalty platform but need a bit more information. Please find our latest presentation attached. If you have any further questions please let us…

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Building our own hardware – the sbeacon

We’re really proud to announce we’re building our own hardware. This enables us to do things that have never been done before. We call our hardware a ‘super beacon’ or short a ‘sbeacon’. This sbeacon…

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Our first Stampwallet loyalty program training course

We’re really proud we have successfully organised the first Stampwallet loyalty training course. In this course we discussed the following subjects: Importance of a loyalty program The strategy behind a loyalty program Training your employees…

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Report bugs in stampwallet loyalty app

Report issues or bugs straight from our loyalty app

If you’re having any problems using our Stampwallet loyalty app you can do 2 things. Go to our helpdesk. Or report a bug straight from our app. Its easy and connected to our helpdesk so…

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Free Stampwallet training in Curacao

We organise a free Stampwallet course / training on May 31st in Renaissance for your business, personnel & customers to get the most out of Stampwallet. Interesting for Stampwallet stores, restaurants, bars, gym, Potential Stampwallet…

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Stampwallet Loyalty at the carwash show

Stampwallet will attend the largest carwash convention and trade show in the world next week in Nashville. The Car Wash Show May 9,10 and 11. Carwash & Loyalty is a perfect match. You can find…

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Loyalty Promo codes

We launched a new version of our Stampwallet Loyalty app supporting Loyalty Promo Codes. These codes are really cool and give stampwallet stores the possibility to promote their business¬†better. A Loyalty Promo Code is a…

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Hello Amsterdam!

We’re proud to announce we started to deploy Stampwallet in The Netherlands. We started with 6¬†businesses and we’re planning to expand really soon. Please let us know if you’d like to request Stampwallet for you…

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Standard operating procedures

When you start using Stampwallet in your store (as a business) a whole new world full of opportunities just presented itself to you! You now have a simple and innovative loyalty system implemented in your…

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